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We technically got a Destiel hug, so yay

Am I the only one who thought Crowley was gonna say that Dean left him cause he was in love with Cas when he was having that flashback sequence of them being besties?


I’m sick of magical worlds with no technology. I want fairy run coffee shops where you can get a latte with a shot of charisma, because you’ve got a big presentation you’re worried about, or witches working at Apple selling phones that automatically appear in your pocket if you accidentally leave it somewhere, or psychics running hair salons who always know how you want your hair to look, or aura reader therapists. I just really want normalized magic in modern society

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when the test question says “describe what’s happening in the picture” but the picture be like


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Ahh! That would be me in ghost form. >///<


Ahh! That would be me in ghost form. >///<

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kinds of pairings i’m all about

  • height differences
  • high contrasting designs like light and dark colors
  • happy one with the grumpy one

bonus points if

  • the grumpy one gets embarrassed by kisses
  • the short one is the grumpy one
  • the happy one’s presence makes the grumpy one really shy

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